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This super quick tip sounds obvious, but not many actually take advantage of it.

In the middle of a tour, grab people’s cameras, and take photos of them. Do selfies with your guests even! Get those photos and videos pumping, and make your social media accounts(opens in a new tab) a center of activity and laughs.

The key is to have fun! Take images with people that are fun, picturesque or even just plain funny.

Photos from your guests(opens in a new tab) have much more power than the photos you take yourself on your own camera. They show that the people who come on your tour are genuinely having a great time, and it gives potential visitors the longing to go there – or return.

What To Do with the Images and Videos


    1. Taking Photos During Tours: Encouraging guides to take photos with guests and even engage in selfies is a great way to create memorable moments and capture authentic experiences. It adds a personal touch to the tour experience and can showcase the enjoyment of participants.
    2. Utilizing Guest Photos on Social Media: Guest-generated content is often more relatable and authentic, making it powerful for social media engagement. Encouraging guests to upload their photos to various platforms and re-sharing them can increase visibility and attract potential customers.
    3. Running Photo Competitions: Hosting photo competitions can foster engagement and excitement among guests. Offering incentives like a bottle of wine as a prize adds an extra incentive for participation and can lead to a boost in user-generated content.
    4. Using Guest Photos for Website and Promotional Material: Incorporating guest photos into promotional material can help showcase real experiences and create a sense of authenticity. However, it’s essential to obtain permission from guests before using their photos for marketing purposes.
    5. Including Photos in Email Marketing: Incorporating guest photos into email newsletters can make them more engaging and visually appealing. It provides an opportunity to showcase recent experiences and encourage repeat bookings. You could even include them in your website’s content, in your blogs, or even as a springboard for a new branding idea.
    6. Create a Dedicated Hashtag: Encourage guests to use a specific hashtag when sharing their photos on social media platforms. This not only helps in organizing user-generated content but also allows for easy tracking and re-sharing of posts.
    7. Offer Photo Printing Services: Consider offering a service where guests can purchase printed copies of their favorite photos from the tour. This adds an extra revenue stream for the business and provides guests with tangible memories they can cherish.
    8. Feature Guest Stories: Alongside guest photos, share their stories and testimonials on your website and social media channels. This humanizes the experience and helps potential customers envision themselves enjoying the tour. It also creates a sense of trust and credibility for your business.

In any case, get in contact with us(opens in a new tab) and let us do what we do best for your tour business.

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