Tourism, as a post-industrial phenomena could be perceived as a temporary relocation from the everyday, in search for an authentic and significant experience of a new environment.

Design Tourism as a platform for affirmation and promotion of design as an integral part of the growing tourism industry in Croatia, explores the responsible and quality ways of designing this other reality. Didactical objects we are seeking to  are part of a broader experience design, and storytelling. They interpret tradition, in a nostalgic and humorous way.

Croatia is a land where neither the production industry nor the tourist offer have regained their former, Yugoslavian capacities. Taking into consideration that this heaven on earth lives off tourism and takes in over 11 million foreign and domestic tourists a year, it is quite astounding and paradoxical that the tourist offer of this potentially large export market does not include products by Croatian designers. Therefore, the main purpose of this curatorial concept is to stimulate debate on the importance of connecting design and tourism in Croatia.

Every year around twenty young Croatian designers are being asked to participate and undertake on creative research and a critical approach in questioning the sociology of tourism. Results come in form of objects, stories and scenarios, and are becoming parts of an imaginary brand that are all envisioning and commenting on the future of tourism, while at the same time relying on the existing heritage and tourist experience of the country.