The Croatian Museum of Tourism, Opatija / September 2014

Design Under the Sun

Design under the Sun is a continuation of activities within Design tourism – platform for promotion and recognition of design in tourism founded by Croatian Designers Association. Built on the methodology of curatorial projects Croatian Holiday 2012 and Hungry Designers 2013, new theme Design Under the Sun puts the sun in focus as a still dominant global tourist product according to current Croatian strategy of tourism, with the idea of critical and intelligent reflection on solar energy in the broadest sense.
Collection of objects is offering alternative solutions to existing problems and new scenarios and services with the potential for implementation in the current Croatian tourist offer. The exhibition presents works in progress, and aims to attract both tourists as well as potential product manufacturers.
The projects in the exhibition interpret the themes of sun exposure, sun protection (Ana Rimac: Concrete pergola, Sonda: Kamarín) and sunbathing (Matea Ban, Luka Lucija Šola: Coolnes(t), Oaza: Sunswimmer), the sun as an energy source (Draga Komparak: 360 °), along with related alternative services in tourism (Neven Kovačić, Vedran Jukić: MobilE, Sonda: Smart Beach).
The fact that the exhibition bears the subtitle work in progress shows that presented projects are in the stage of development, but also calls for new authors to apply with their works and suggestions and join the collection.


by Matea Ban, Luka Lucija Šola

Along the way

by Draga Komparak


by Draga Komparak

Set for Nature and Social Networks

by Lina Kovačević


by Neven Kovačić, Vedran Jukić


by Sonda

Trellis on concrete

by Ana Rimac


by Oaza

Smart Beach

by Sonda